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 Steel Angle

Steel Angle is the important structural steel materials for manufacture of communication tower and power towers, as well as workshops and other engineering.

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Equal Angle Steel Bar Sizes

Chinese standard: from 25*25 to 200*200(mm)
Japan standard: from 25*25 to 200*200(mm)
EN : from50*50 to 150*150(mm)
Material is Q235, Q345,Q420
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Unequal angle steel

Chinese standard:from45*28--200*125(mm)
Japan standard: from 100*75--150*100(mm)
Material is Q235,Q345,Q420
The length is from 6m to 12m.
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Flat Steel Bars & Steel Tubes

Flat steel bars are in contrast with angle steel bars and they both compose the majority of steel bars for construction industry. Mainly hot rolled flat steel and welded steel tubes.

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